Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NuMe Review: Part 1- Straight

I'm sorry this review is taking so long! My daughter (and model) has ADHD and her medicine stopped being effective. This didn't happen suddenly, but her doctor suddenly decided to listen to me, so he changed her medicine. She had a bad reaction to what the changed her to, so they changed it again... In the meantime, she's completely unable to focus or sit still... Kind of difficult to straighten her hair if she can't stop jumping around! LOL So, I finally got to straighten her hair, and thus, part 1 of the Nu-Me review! Her new medicine takes some time to get into her system, so right now you can't even tell she's on medicine, and she can't cooperate for me to curl her hair. It's not her fault, and I'm NOT blaming her... Just telling you guys what's going on and why it's going to take some time to get that done.
Okay, onto the review! This is for the Vintage Flat Iron... I bought the pink one.

Outside so you can see how pretty and bright this pink is!


The Claims:  (From their website, linked above)
"  NuMe's best selling Vintage professional styler is the original 100% solid ceramic iron that brings shine and luster back to the most course or wispy hair. With its rounded barrel design, it's ideal for transforming your hair to any glamorous look - silky straight, voluminous waves or perfect curls. Great for all hair types.
   The NuMe Vintage is a classic Professional Styling Iron with a unique alignment system that ensures ideal contact between your hair and our 100% tourmaline ceramic plates. Using pure ceramic plates ensures even distribution, eliminating the hot spots and chipping associated with conventional irons. Our 100% ceramic plates emit negative ions which seals moisture in the hair cuticle keeping your hair shiny, healthy and silky smooth."

  • Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates prevent dry and damaged hair.
  • Negative Ion Technology Reduces Static and frizz for shinier, more manageable hair. Rounded Barrels create curls or flips your hair.
  • Infrared Heat Technology. Gets faster results while maintaining your hair's health and integrity.
  • Heats up in seconds, reducing wait time.
  • Ergonomic design is easy to hold, handle and manipulate/
  • Built-in converter handles dual voltage from 110v to 240v (you must purchase the country's proper plug adapter separately) Temperature 410 degrees F


The truth is...
The NuMe Flat Iron does have ceramic plates and it definitely brings out the shine in your hair...

The hair is soft and wonderful to touch after use

The Iron has a knob to adjust the temperature, but they put it inside the iron, below the plates (pic will demonstrate) so you do have to be kind of careful when trying to adjust the temp. Not much room there.
Because of the rounded design, you CAN create big, loose curls, or flips. They're beautiful. The woman who demonstrated the iron showed me. I haven't figured it out yet, but with a bouncing 10 year old, I didn't have much time to practice. LOL

There is a 3 year warranty on the iron, so if you break the plates (essentially ceramic tiles) they will replace it, or if it stops working for any reason.

The iron is VERY well designed, there's no denying that. The cord swivels, so you don't get all tangled up, and the hinge doesn't catch your hair (I was surprised!)

I love the feel of it in my hands. It's well-balanced, and lightweight, but clearly not cheaply made.

There's a light on the Iron that turns green when it's reached the desired temperature, and red when it's heating up.

I haven't seen any damage to my hair, or my daughter's. Actually, the iron brings out the oil, so our hair may actually be getting some benefit, though this isn't proven. Time will tell...

The bad...

On the outside of the wand, near the plates, it does get pretty hot. I wouldn't say it's untouchable, but it isn't comfortable, and you couldn't hold it for long.

As with any heated product, you CAN burn the hair, so be careful (This isn't just the NuMe, but I wanted to point this out, just in case)

It DOES make our hair oily. I don't know if it's just because we have naturally oily hair, but it DOES make our hair oily after a while. It isn't immediate, so we can go out for hours without worrying, but after several hours (8 +/-) our hair does start to look oily.

Depending on the texture of the hair, and the temperature setting, you may have to do more than one pass with the iron. It's a learning process, as is just about anything.

I absolutely recommend this for anyone looking to straighten their hair. I didn't use any products on our hair while doing this review, as I wanted the effect unspoiled by products made to straighten hair... I LOVE my NuMe, and will never use another flat iron!

*DISCLAIMER* Just so everyone is aware, I am not being paid or compensated in any fashion for this review. These are my honest opinions, and I stand behind them. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I purchased this product with my own money, and chose to write a review. Thank you!


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  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I have ADD, I've heard people say that ADD and ADHD are the same, but I don't have the H part. I did work at a daycare though with a 2 year old little boy who went through the same thing your daughter did, with medicine. It was tough, the poor little guy was so irritable and I felt so bad for his mom. The other teachers didn't know how to handle him or his mother. I had so much compassion for them both. I never took any medication for mine, but it wasn't really severe enough and I wasn't aware that I had it until I was in high school. I had friends who were though and when they went off of it, they would be completely zoned out. Anyway, hang in there, you are doing a great job. It will get better, mine isn't as bad now that I'm all grown up and my friends are the same way even the ones that were the most severe.

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  35. I love NUME curling wands. I have the Curl Jam set, the reverse wand and the pearl wand. I always get compliments when I use them. Sadly, I can no longer recommend Nume to anyone. I bought my curl jam set in October. Tuesday when I was using it I noticed it was cooling down. I thought maybe something was wrong with the outlet and plugged my flat iron in to test it. Not my outlet. I contacted NUME yesterday for a replacement. After all, my wand is only three months old and I don't use it more than twice a week. It's practically brand new! I didn't drop it or anything like that so it must be a faulty wand. It says it has a four year warranty. Sadly, I was told that I would have to pay to have it replaced. It will cost me $20, plus I have to ship my old one to them and then pay shipping to send the new one back. o basically because they sent me a faulty product, I have to pay close to $40 total to get it replaced. I feel like this isn't very honest of NUME considering that I can't find anywhere on their site where this is stated and even asked the customer service rep where it was written. Not to mention the fact that they sold me an expensive, but flawed product and are asking me to pay for their mistake. Needless to say, I won't be buying anymore products from NUME. I would love to be able to recommend them to friends and family, but do not feel like I can do this. Please be aware before you purchase a NUME wand that they do not back up their products and will ask you to pay for their mistakes.


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