Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TrueCare Review

Thanks to BzzAgent.com, I was able to review TrueCare for free with a 90-day trial. TrueCare is a social media monitoring tool parents can use to help them watch their child's activities on social networking sites such as Facebook. I always monitor my child's online activity, and she isn't supposed to accept friends, or look anyone up on Facebook. Notice I said that she isn't supposed to... If kids only did the things they were supposed to do, this would never be an issue!
 Because I knew my child's login email and password for Facebook, I was able to set up the monitoring very quickly and easily. Nothing to download, which is very helpful, because if you had to download the software, you wouldn't be able to monitor your child if they log in from a friend's house! With TrueCare, you get emails no matter where they are when they access Facebook. The email alerts tell you if your child is friends with any adults, if any of their messages or chats contain sexual references, bullying words, or any other frightening things you'd want to know about! And, you can customize the database of keywords, so the program searches for things that are important to you.
 I would like to believe that I always know what my child does on Facebook, but I'm a realist. I know that she's a child, and they try to do things they think you can't see. And I don't consider this an invasion of privacy at all, because she's a child. She shouldn't need privacy! I do recommend this product to anyone with children on social networks. Hopefully you never need it, but for peace of mind, it's great.

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