Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Baby Preston

My cousin was due to have her baby boy right around Thanksgiving... Things didn't quite go according to plan, and at the end of August, little Preston entered the world. Weighing just under 3 pounds, and only 15 inches long, he was a tiny bundle of joy! Our family has been EXTREMELY blessed to watch (thank God for Facebook!) this tiny little miracle grow and reach milestone after milestone! He's had a practically perfect life, in preemie standards. He's gained weight beautifully, hit all of his milestones in record time!

He's now almost 8 weeks, and doing SO well! They're prepared to send him home in a week! Such great news. :) And since the baby shower is  this coming weekend, the timing couldn't be better! His mommy and daddy will have all of the stuff they needed to get to take care of this wonderful bundle of bouncing baby boy, and we will all get to celebrate not only his birth, but his homecoming! So excited! I'm working on a few big picture collages for his mommy (shh, it's a surprise) and then I'll share one when I'm done with them (hopefully before the weekend, but with the move... I'm trying!) I absolutely can't wait to meet this little guy!!! No, I've never met him... He's only allowed to visit with immediate family in the NICU, so I can't see him yet. But SOON! :)


  1. I am SO glad to hear that he's doing well! That would be so, so scary. I just had a baby boy and so far he has been healthy and happy! I can't imagine the stress that they have been going through. Praise the Lord! :)

  2. It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster, but thankfully, most of the ride has been ups! VERY few downs!!! :) Right now, his parents are spending their first night with him (Still in the hospital) and are going through some training courses on Infant CPR and other things! So exciting!

  3. Congrats & God bless Preston! Hope he's home now with his family.
    I'm returning the follow from the Thursday hop. Thanks for stopping by! I'm following you on FB & twitter too. Have a great weekend.

  4. Wonderful news!
    Thanks for popping by My Own Four Corners. I am following you back - have a blessed weekend!


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