Monday, October 17, 2011

Complete Dependency

Okay, I want to apologize up front. I'm going to be a bit limited for the next few days. I have some reviews and giveaways that I need to be doing right now, but my laptop adapter plug died... I've already ordered a new one, but you would be amazed at how completely dependent I am on my laptop. All of my stuff is on there (I keep all of my email addresses and correspondence in a folder on my laptop) and pictures for the reviews and giveaways are on there as well... So, until my new adapter gets here (I've already received my tracking number, but no updates are available yet) I am extremely limited on what I will be able to blog about for a few days. :(  It amazes me how much I depend on (read: I am addicted to) my laptop... I miss it (withdrawals) and I can't wait to get my adapter! LOL

Are there any electronic devices you just absolutely have to keep handy? I know I'm not the only one in dire straits when the laptop is incapacitated. So tell me... what's your gadget of choice?


  1. I absolutely do not think I could go one day without my cell phone. It is my email on the go, home phone, calendar, alarm clock, flashlight, price checker, grocery list, and my LIFE!!! I totally understand.

  2. Had the same problem once. All my files (accumulated for 5 years) from the office is on my notebook and the hard drive crashed and because I have no back-up all of it was gone. Well not all, about 60% was gone. Luckily our IT was able to save my most recent ones.

    Stopping by to follow back via GFC and Twitter (Don't know how to use Facebook fan page yet lol).

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  4. I would be lost without my laptop as well !

    Thank you for stopping by my blog; I have returned the favor and followed back :)

  5. Thank you for following Free eBooks Daily. I am following back and looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    PS - Hope you get your laptop running soon. I am totally lost without mine!

  6. I understand! If my computer went down, I might go crazy. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I'm following you here now. Just to let you know. . . I'm hosting a hop and $10 paypal giveaway right now! Come join us!


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