Friday, November 25, 2011

Giveaways ending at midnight!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 3 giveaways for $15 gift cards to are ending at midnight TONIGHT! If you haven't entered to win, and are eligible (rules are on each post), please enter! And share those giveaways with your friends! Even if you aren't eligible, wouldn't it be cool to get your friends in it, and give them a chance to win? :)

Costume Squad Review, $15 gc to

Nacho Mama Review, $15 gc to

Crazy Dog Review, $15 gc to

I hope I'm not making your heads spin with the changes to my blog... I just wanted to keep it up to date and interesting. :)   Also, I've added the PunchTab app to my blog, so you guys can win loyalty points each day just for visiting my blog and other tasks... You're supposed to get 100 points for your first visit of the day, first tweet of the day, first comment of the day, first like on Facebook (I don't know if that's just liking my page, or liking a post) and for hitting that +1 button on a post! It does take quite a few points to get a gift card, but you can get (I think) 300 points a day. But all you have to do to win a gc is participate! I hope you guys enjoy it!


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