Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet Me on Monday

I decided to join a different kind of hop this week... Looks like a lot of fun! It's called Meet Me on Monday, and the host blog posts 5 questions. You're supposed to write a blog post answering those 5 questions, and then link your post into the hop! Sounds like a lot of fun, right?!

The host is Never Growing Old, and this is the link to the original post for this week, with the instructions and questions. :)

Okay, I'll post the questions here as well, so you can have them for reference while you read my post :) The host uses pics to punctuate the answer, so I will as well, even though this isn't stated in the rules. Looks good, though :)

1. I wish I had more time to _________?
2. What is your favorite kind of soup?
3. Where will you eat Thanksgiving dinner?
4. What is your favorite time of day?
5. Did you start Christmas shopping yet?

 1. I wish I had more time to relax... Just sit back and read a book, or listen to a little music without some distraction or something else I need to be doing...

Image Source
2. My favorite kind of soup is loaded potato soup! I love it... Not a fan of the chives (as in the pic) but potato soup with shredded cheddar and bacon bits... :D
Image Source
3. Well... We've actually been invited to THREE places for Thanksgiving, and they're all family. Everyone wants to make sure we're all fed, and not alone on Thanksgiving. 
Image Source
4. My favorite time of day is around 10PM. Things start winding down, and we all get to hang out and watch a little tv before everyone starts turning in for the night. A gentle quiet starts settling over the house, and it's peaceful.
Image Source
5. No, I haven't started Christmas shopping yet... I've got a few ideas, because I've been browsing, but I haven't actually purchased anything yet... LOL 
Image Source

I was right! That was a lot of fun! I actually had to answer some questions about myself... I've noticed lately that there's not a lot of information about me on my blog... My daughter, my hubby... but not me. Well, now you know something! LOL I think I'm going to do this one often! I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me! Link up to this, it's fun!


  1. Found you from MMOM. I enjoyed your blog. The pic of kitty on the hammock is adorable. When I was thinking of soup, I forgot about potato. It is one of my favorites, close behind mushroom. Drop by for a visit.

  2. Visiting from the MMOM hop. I'm a new follower too. Now after you eat all those thanksgiving dinners - get that shopping started LOL

  3. Thank you!! I found you on a different blog hop and this is my first experience with ANY of this..
    You nailed it on the potato soup - especially with some cheese...yep.


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