Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Tournament...

Wow, yesterday was absolutely crazy! The day lasted MUCH longer than anticipated... There was a little confusion happening, and it ended up that the judges were all black belts, and they all needed to compete as well, so we waited a while for them to get their competitions out of the way so they could judge...

My daughter competed in 3 events... Weapons, forms, and sparring... I have to be honest, I was concerned about sparring. She hasn't done that well lately in the practices they have, and I was a bit worried about it. But, there wasn't a reason to be worried. She was simply goofing off in class, and she ended up doing really well at the tournament! :)

Weapons was first... It was awesome! She actually tied for first place! Unfortunately, the situation got the best of her, and she messed up in the tie-breaker, but she still got silver!!!

Forms was second... Awesome, AGAIN! And this time, she got GOLD... :)

And finally, sparring... The judges were calling points and warnings quite differently than we're used to. And honestly, there was the human error aspect as well... I'm NOT one of those parents that thinks my child is the best in the world and should always win, but I wasn't the only one who saw what actually happened. According to OUR rules, she won. Clearly. And according to the more recognized standard, she won. But, according to the judges, she came in second. So, she got silver. I'm still proud of her! She was really on her game yesterday, and she did her best! You can't expect anymore than that! :)

Unfortunately, I only had a 128mb SD card with me... I know, I know... I'm supposed to be more prepared than that! LOL I only got a few pics, and 2 videos... BUT... When we got home, and I could access the bigger SD cards, we snapped some quick pics outside!

 Two Silver Medals, One Gold Medal!

We're SO proud of her!!! It was a LONG day, though! Oh, and she competed in her old green belt, because of the way the system is set up, she is just learning the form and stuff for the advanced category, so she competed at the intermediate level. She could've legally competed in the belt she started the year at, but that was still in the intermediate category, so it wouldn't really make a difference. :) She's still a brown belt.

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  1. Congratulations to her! That is a great accomplishment and she looks so happy too!

    P.S. I'm usually the mom who has the camera and videocamera in tow at all times except when I really need it.


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