Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I found out yesterday that a young boy in my area committed suicide because he was bullied constantly. I was heart broken. Today I learned that we knew him through karate (no pics were posted, so I didn't realize it). I'm completely shattered. 

Bullying has been a part of my life as long as I've been alive. When I was a child, I was bullied, but not as badly as kids today are. When I first became an adult, I became the victim of a very different kind of bullying, known to many as domestic violence. When my child started school, I learned what it felt like to be the parent of a bullied child, and how frustrating it was to see the school doing NOTHING. 

I've LONG been a supporter of all of the anti-bullying movements happening. Each young life that ends because of bullies breaks my heart. Please, talk to your children. Make sure that your children know how much damage they are doing if they are picking on someone. And make sure they know that they need to shout it from the rooftops if no one will listen if they are being bullied. This HAS to stop, and it will only stop if every parent knuckles down to make sure that their child isn't the cause, or a victim. I know that no parent wants to believe their child is capable of being that vicious... It's not a pleasant thought. Talk to them, anyway. Even if you don't believe your child could be a bully, talk to them. Too many young lives have ended. Why can't we all at least tolerate each other??? Get out of your narrow-minded views, and even if you don't agree, or condone whatever, accept it and don't cause them pain. This HAS to stop!!!

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  1. Thank you for talking about this. It's so important that we have a discussion about it and stop it when we see it. Too many kids suffer from this problem.


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