Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review of Kindle Fire

Okay, I've had my Kindle Fire for a few weeks now, and I've done a LOT of things on it. I absolutely LOVE the Kindle Fire, and it's a very versatile reader. The Silk browser is a bit slow, but if you have a little patience, it's actually a nice browser. It has a Google Chrome feel, which I prefer. You do have access to MOST Android apps and functionality, but not all. Some of the apps won't work.

I do wish the Kindle Fire had a camera and microphone... Those would make this almost as good as a tablet. As for the size, I have no complaints. The screen is a good size for watching videos in full screen mode, and is quite convenient to have around. I love having books and games and all kinds of other stuff right at my fingertips, even when I'm out of Wi-Fi range.

The Cloud Storage is a great feature. You can keep your books and apps in the Cloud Storage and save space on the Kindle... And they download quickly if you have a Wi-Fi connection. As a matter of fact, most apps also download VERY quickly, and I don't have a fast connection. 3 Mbps, to be exact. So, you have unlimited space on the Cloud Storage, and you can always remove something from your Kindle and it will stay in Cloud until you want it again! Download a book to your Kindle, and once you've read it, remove it from the device, and it goes to Cloud for another day... Freeing up that space.

Okay, what else might you want to know??? Yes, you can watch Netflix. Actually, that's one of my favorite apps... The Facebook app is essentially a link to Facebook. Tap the app, and it opens the browser to T

On the home screen, you see your carousel. This shows you books, apps, web pages, and videos you've recently interacted with. If you drag up, you see your favorites. This is where you can place the apps and books that you would like quick access to. At the top is a search bar, which will search the device, as well as Cloud storage. Across the top are 7 quick links. Newstand, Books, Music, Video, Docs, Apps and Web. I'll go over each of these quickly.

Newstand: This is where you can find magazine and newspaper subscriptions. Yes, you can read newspapers and magazines on your Kindle Fire. The prices are VERY reasonable, too. O Magazine is $1.99 per month, for example!

Books: This is where all of your books will be easily accessible. You can view the books in the Cloud, or just the ones on your device. Very neat feature if you're without internet connection, and want to see what you've already downloaded to your device.

Music: You can buy music from the Kindle store, or you can connect your Kindle to your computer (requires a USB to USB 2.0 cable) and you can upload some of your favorite music to your Kindle.

Video: This is where Amazon Prime comes in... Amazon Prime is a really cool feature, but it's $79/ year. You get instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows instantly for free (I haven't actually sat down to compare, but it seems VERY similar to Netflix in availability... Maybe even a little more limited) but you also get some other great features! Free 2 day shipping on most Amazon purchases (US and select countries)... 1 free Kindle book to borrow per month from the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. When I got my Kindle Fire, it came with 1 month free trial of Amazon Prime. I was able to choose a book to borrow from the Lending Library, and I picked "Water for Elephants" to read. Maybe I should review that book as well. LOL

Documents is the next link, and includes your Kindle Fire User's Guide. There are apps for making documents, but to be perfectly honest, I have yet to think of anything I would need to make a document about on my Kindle... Maybe a notepad, or post-it section would be helpful, but not really documents.

Apps: Everything from document apps to games can be found here... Some of my favorites include the Netflix app, iHeart Radio, and Speedx 3D.

And last but not least, the Web link. This simply opens your chrome-like browser, known as Silk. The browser comes preloaded with several bookmarks, most of which I deleted... ESPN, MyHabit, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Wikipedia, Twitter, Craigslist, LinkedIn, and IMDb.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my Kindle Fire. Battery life is kinda short, but it fits the same charger as my cell phone, (usb 2.0) so I can charge it in the car... I love the feel of it... It feels very solid, and sturdy, but not extremely heavy. If you compare to an average book, it may come out a little heavier, but about the same size. It has 5.37 GB of memory available on the device to hold content for the Newsstand, Music, Books, Docs, and Videos, so  that Cloud Storage is a GREAT feature. There is 1.17 GB set aside for app storage. I love my Kindle! I use it several times a day, and find it very convenient to carry it with me. As for those of you who think you'll miss turning a page, and the feel of a real book in your hands (ahem), I've got to tell you... This is AMAZING, and you can carry WAY more books than you could possibly carry in paper form. And you do can drag the pages in a very similar movement... LOL You can change the look of the page, the font, the color, the spacing and letter size... I HIGHLY recommend the Kindle Fire!!!

**Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself, and was not in any way compensated for my review.**

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  1. new follower! I LOVE my kindle fire too! Hub's got it for my for Christmas and prior too I was sticking to the printed page. Loyalty to the printing press was my motto, yea..... not so much. I take it EVERYWHERE now. LOVE IT. Gonna try the netflix app you mentioned.
    Habe a great day, come by and see us sometime


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