Wednesday, January 18, 2012

To cruise or not to cruise?

The last year has been extremely difficult for our family, and we've long felt the need to simply escape for a few days. On the night before the story of the Costa Concordia broke, I was once again discussing our need for an excursion, and even did a little research on the possibility of taking a cruise. This isn't the first time we've considered a cruise, but we're now in a better position to really consider it. Anyway, I was checking prices and ports and all of the essential information. 

The next morning, I find out about Costa Concordia... It's absolutely terrifying that something like that could happen... I understand an accident as well as the next person, but it's not like this was a small boat that simply got too close... He was WAY too close, and he knew better. An experienced ship captain, he knew he was too close, but took the risk anyway, apparently to salute a friend he was on the phone with!!! It's NOT a car... You can just wave in passing... it's a MASSIVE ship, and you're a speck! You're also in charge of THOUSANDS of lives, and should be more dedicated to keeping those people alive and safe in your charge. But no, apparently captains can salute friends, and pilots can drink on the job, because those massive modes of transportation can control themselves, right? Why do you expect a lifeless object to have more ability to control itself than you have??? 

While I've brought up drunk pilots, how often has this happened? How many pilots trust the plane to stay airborne while they doze or play games or whatever they do in that locked cabin? And people wonder why I will never fly...

Back to the Captain of the Costa Concordia... He managed to get off of the ship. What happened to "the captain goes down with the ship" and all of that? Is that just a thing of the past? Anyway, he managed to find his way to a lifeboat... And when questioned about that, he had a VERY interesting explanation... He "tripped" and "landed" in a lifeboat... Conveniently. Apparently he thinks everyone is actually dumb enough to buy that... The sad thing is, he had almost a week to come up with a decent excuse for his actions, and THAT was the best he got??? 

This is a tragedy, and I expect his selfish actions to be punished. He put thousands of lives in danger, and was the cause of several deaths. Unfortunately, at least 11 people have died from this "salute" and at least 60 others were injured. And the search continues for the missing, though they're not expecting to find any survivors at this point. 

Have you ever taken a cruise? Would you consider taking one now? Has this tragedy changed your mind about a cruise? I would love to hear from you! 


  1. I haven't taken a cruise but it's on my list. I've always wanted to take my daughter on a cruise so I look forward to that day.
    I'll still go on a cruise even after hearing about this tragedy. The way I look at it is you never know when it's your time. We run the dangers of car accidents, planes crashing, or any mode of transportation.

  2. I am actually considering a cruise for our honeymoon this June :)

  3. I have been on one cruise. It was a private charter of a Carnival ship by the K-Love radio station. I would go on another one in a heart beat! What I would have second thoughts about is going on an excursion. (I do have a horror story to tell!) This tragedy has not changed my mind about a cruise at all. People make stupid mistakes - some more stupid than others - no matter where you are or what you are doing, so tragic events can unfold anywhere due to human error. This captain will pay dearly for his actions for a long time. I think this accident will make sailing safer for quite some time because rules and regulations will probably be adhered to more closely for a while.

  4. I have never taken a cruise. Even before this tradgedy, I have heard too many horror stories..people falling overboard, etc. It's just something I will never do. I perfer to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground.

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